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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

kayla varley + joe curtin

hung out with fellow photographers kayla + joe a few weeks ago in south pasadena (click their names to see their awesome work!) here are some medium format shots and polaroids from the day.

(taken by joe with my camera!)

instax taken by Joe

since i stopped updating my flickr, i don't get much feedback on my work. it'd be nice to hear what you think! write a comment below - or you could just leave me a love letter, a poem, or personal anecdote. whichever you feel so inclined. happy wednesday, all. xo!


  1. yes! these came out so good. i need to see you again soon. the three of us should hang out again

  2. these are beautiful and the sky is a wondrous blue here

  3. very beautiful- especially the light, its so saturated!

  4. you've done amazing work! i love the first shoot)

  5. These are all so lovely. I especially love the polaroids and the girl with the red hair is beautiful and a good model. :)

  6. The girl with the red hair reminded me of how I imagined the main character of this particular novel I was reading should be.

    Everything includes on this post is just beautiful.