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Sunday, June 12, 2011

in the good, old-fashioned way

finally did an all-film mini-shoot again with jen. i curled jen’s hair and did her makeup and put her in thrifted clothes and we went to the creek near amanda’s house and took pictures the old-fashioned way. it was so wonderful to be brought back to the roots of my photography, the way i started out and the way i’ll never forget. just me, one or two rolls of film, my camera, and my girls. 
complete with a trip to target with our film in tow and an hour spent wandering the store waiting for the photos to be ready, falling in love with the starbucks worker and robert my main man in the photo department giving us 5 rolls of film, prints, and 2 CD’s for $5, because he is just that awesome. 

amanda second-shot with me, and her images turned out wonderfully as well. go to her flickr to see!

take photos for the memories of what’s wonderful.
xo maryclaire

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