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Monday, May 2, 2011

mia at the flower fields

hello all! finally another shoot with the gorgeous mia faith! i shot all digital again (gasp) and i am thrilled with the results. shot on a canon eos rebel xsi with a 50mm f/1.8 lens. big thanks to the flower fields in carlsbad, ca, for accommodating us!
hair & make-up done by mia and myself
outfit one
shirt - model’s own, brand unknown
striped shorts - $1.50, salvation army
belt - model’s own, american apparel
shoes - $69.95, steve madden 
haylow in blush 
outfit two 
blush blouse - $1, salvation army
sequin shorts -  model’s own, purchased from ANGL boutique
feather earrings -  model’s own, brand unknown
floral headdress (which is actually a belt) - model’s own, also from ANGL 


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XO mcr


  1. oh my word.
    you make me so so proud.

    come to my house so I can feed you now.

  2. Beautiful beautiful beautiful...

  3. you are an incredible photographer

  4. looks like you liquified the shit out of her eyes, lol...

  5. no editing was done to mia's eyes. here is a raw image if you don't believe me: