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Thursday, April 14, 2011

springtime dreaming

april is almost half over, meaning spring has sprung! the weather in southern california has been quite bizarre, one day it will be 55 degrees and overcast/drizzling, and the next day it will be 80 and scorching hot. i take advantage of the beautiful weather when i can, taking photos left and right :) i have a few shoots lined up in the next couple of weeks so keep on the lookout for those!

here are some photos i took this past weekend at the beach with my friends mia and emmie!

-mary claire ♥


  1. Ohmydear, the first one is absolutely stunning! Ah, they are all GORGEOUS!
    The models and setting are gorgeous, setting too :)

  2. I like the sunshine you caught in these. It makes a nice contrast with the jumper the blonde girl is wearing.