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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

road trip - meeting marielle

over my spring break, a magical force landed overhead, allowing me to have 5 days off of both school AND work. i deemed it a perfect opportunity to drive 178 miles to meet up with my "internet best friend" marielle. marielle and i have been corresponding through the internet after an initial meeting through flickr for over a year now, and upon learning we live semi-close, we have been trying to meet up for months. finally i was able to set aside time and take a mini-vacation to go up and see her. i spent 5 days and 4 nights at her house learning my way around her city and taking plenty of photos to go along with it. we explored a little, shopped a lot, laughed a ton, and ate a house. i was sad to leave, but i look forward to her coming down and visiting me (because it's her turn y'all know!) i shot 4 and a half rolls of film over the course of my trip, and i want to share my favorite images with you all:


(this photo may be my favorite of all of them)

i told you i shot a lot! all photos were shot on my canon ae-1 35mm camera, with a 50mm f/1.4 lens. hope you enjoy the images, 

xoxo mary claire


  1. Love all of them! You're so talented :')

  2. I LOVE these. the photos are so beautiful. there's really something special about them that I can't quite grasp. and she is beautiful!

  3. Oh heavens the portraits are gorgeous but I'm really so in love with the shot down the row of flowery trees, that's so dreamy, especially in combination with the single flower shot above it

  4. these photograps are spectacular.
    I really love the one of her shoulder and hair down her back in the sunlight [above of the one of her spinning].
    she is a beautiful looking girl.

  5. It seems like you've had amazing time round your friend's. She's gorgeous! And all the photos are really nice. Number 18 is my favourite I think. I like the vertical portraits as well.

  6. these are all beautiful,
    I especially love the very last shot :)