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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Europe (Day 1)

I decided that the easiest way to display my photos from my trip to Spain and France is to upload them by day/roll (I shot 1 roll per day). So, here is part one out of seven. and they're all 36 exposure rolls so woot to that too.

This roll epitomizes the travelling experience we had on the first day: lots and lots of plane rides and airports. Three airports to be exact (Los Angeles, Paris, Barcelona).


  1. your pictures are so great! this makes me want a new camera even more :( and to travel!

  2. These are so insanely awesome.
    How did you go about getting the film through airport xrays and stuff?

  3. i just looked through all of your trip photos and they are soo so so sooo (x849376486738) incredible! i feel like you captured everything about your trip